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With a solid foundation in the masonry industry, Ravenstone Masonry and Conservation Inc. is specialized company whose focus is on prolonging the life and integrity of our architectural history.  Our team is experienced in identifying sources of deterioration and failures in historic buildings along with the appropriate techniques for their repair.  From initial consultation through to the hand's-on repair and ongoing maintenance, Ravenstone Masonry and Conservation Inc. can provide a range of services to suit the individual client's needs.

Survey & Analysis

Our masonry experts conduct an on-site review of the current building material conditions, structural stability of the materials and the rate of deterioration, identifying, documenting and classifying the areas of concern.


The conservation plan identifies the extent of repairs required on the building and an order of magnitude cost.  Working with the client, a schedule is developed focusing on areas of immediate safety concerns as well as long term repairs.  In addition to the conservation plan,  an ongoing maintenance program can be developed.

Conservation Work

Using both traditional and modern methods, our masons work to preserve the beauty and history of the building according to the original historic details and the conservation plan.

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